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Blow out the candles like a Princess

Is it your little princess' birthday soon? Well, then it's time to invest in the various decoration items, order the birthday cake and buy her presents.

Nowadays, there are many princess themed items available in the market to help you plan your daughter's birthday party. If you are interested, follow this guide!

Happy Birthday Princess

To wish your princess a happy birthday, you can stick Happy Birthday Princess stickers everywhere. You can put them on the walls, on the furniture, on the curtains, on the windows and on the doors and you can match them with the Happy Birthday Princess stickers on the cake.

In fact, the idea is to make it clear that it's a princess's birthday, so write it all over the reception hall so that it's visible to everyone. In addition to stickers, balloons and writing are also available in stores so you can build a phrase or a small message. Use them to form a "Happy Birthday Princess" and hang them on a visible support with a wire or other fastening system to decorate the room and to serve as a nice background for the birthday photos.

Princess Birthday Cake

A birthday party without cake is not a birthday party. It's the ultimate cake to celebrate another year. But for a Princess theme, you need to order a special birthday cake like a Princess birthday cake with crown, Princess birthday cake with Disney Princess figurines and Princess birthday cake in the shape of a castle.

Here, the colors to choose are pink, white and blue. Otherwise, you can also opt for gold decorations. And don't forget the bows and sequins because these are the main elements that remind the fantasy world and fairy tales.

When it comes to the shape of the cake, anything goes. You can choose a round Princess Birthday cake, a square Princess Birthday cake, a rectangle Princess Birthday cake, or even a Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Elsa or Anna shaped Princess Birthday cake.

Princess Birthday Party

To please and surprise your daughter on her birthday, consider giving her princess accessories. It's surely the kind of gift she's been dreaming of since childhood. Moreover, you can choose between many items: princess backpack, princess schoolbag, princess school supplies, princess jewelry, princess shoes, ...

You will see that these princess accessories will make this Princess Birthday Party brilliant and unforgettable and they will also be useful for your daughter in everyday life.
In addition to the princess accessories, you can also offer princess toys to your daughter. Every child has, in fact, the right to play, so don't hesitate to fill your daughter's room with princess toys such as princess figurines and princess boxes with all the princess accessories in them: tiara, gloves, magic wand, necklace and earrings.

You can also invest in Princess Playsets consisting of castle, castle furniture, princess wardrobe, princess dolls, princess carriage, etc.

The other interesting gift idea for princesses is also the bedroom equipment with a princess theme. This is the case of princess bed linens like the Jasmine bed set or the Elsa comforter. Then there are also the Cinderella curtains and the Snow White tablecloths. There is also the Princess nursery furniture such as the Belle footstool, the Ariel shelf and the Elsa and Anna wardrobe. And finally, don't forget the Princess decorations for children's room such as the Princess wall watches, the Princess stickers and the Princess trinkets.

Princess birthday decorations

To decorate the tables for your little princess' birthday party, invest in princess disposable tableware, including princess plates and princess cups. These dishes are ideal for kids because they won't break, hurt them or make a mess in the room. Plus, they can make your job easier since you don't have to wash them after the party. You can just throw them away.

As for the room decoration, you can complement the stickers, balloons and Happy Birthday Princess writings with other attractive accessories such as decorative garlands, paper rosettes and light lanterns.

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