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How to make a princess bed ?

To offer your little queen a real princess bed, you will have to carefully choose the colors, the patterns on the comforter cover and the pillowcases. If she is a fan of the Snow Queen saga, then opt for a light-colored comforter cover with Olaf, Sven and Anna to immerse her in the Disney movie.

If your daughter prefers a Disney Princess like Pocahontas or Rapunzel, you'll need to be able to match the colors of the comforter cover to the furniture and accessories already in her room. For a princess comforter, which will be light, her furniture should be white, beige or cream to perfectly highlight her bed which will become the crown of her room.

Choosing the right bunk bed for your Princess

Your little girl's room should reflect her personality, her Disney Princesses and her favorite toys. It should be welcoming, familiar, and fuel her imagination every day.

But as any parent knows, her favorite characters can change frequently. Disney Princess bedding is the perfect way to add her favorite heroines to her room, and make her feel like a princess, without having to redecorate her room often as she grows.

Disney-printed bedding is available in a variety of colors from classic pastel pink to bright purple. A purple comforter cover can be paired with pillowcases in pastel shades and figurines throughout the room. Color-coordinated picture frames are also great for showcasing family photos.

Choose colors that matches with her bedroom

There are other ways to spread the chosen color throughout the room. A soft rug is one way to make a room more inviting and comfortable, and allows room on the floor to play with toys and games.

A toy box in the chosen color is another great idea and could encourage your kids to keep their room tidy. An end table with a colored shade is a sure way to spread the color, and you could even equip the lamp with a colored bulb to make the effect even more striking.

Most of our Princess bed linens come in matching solid color or a mix of coordinating colors. Themed pillowcases pick up the theme, and ensure that the entire bed is attractive and inviting.

Princess bedding twin or full

Add a touch of enchantment to your daughter's bedroom with our comforter covers and their original designs. Bring a room back to life with bright and cheerful colors with a never-before-seen bedding set!

Whether it's a pretty comforter cover featuring Beauty and the Beast, or Mickey Mouse for Disney fans, we offer you these models, for young and old, at low prices!

A room decoration will be perfect with a personal space to play, contemplate and play the Princess for long hours. That's why we advise you to choose a pretty princess pillow case and store her things, accessories and other things in it.

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18 products