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Find the largest catalog of Princess Dresses on the american market. Whether for a wedding, a ceremony, take care to choose the ideal Princess Dress.

Our Princess Dresses

Who are they for? How to choose your dress according to the occasion? Renewed every week, our selection of dresses is growing & several models will make their appearance, exclusively. Whether for yourself or a family member, Brave Princess dresses are unique, and we understand why.

Whatever the age, the morphology, you will find your happiness among : 

  • Disney Princess Dress
  • Princess dresses for women
  • Princess Baby Dress
  • Princess Ball Dress

Princess Dress for Women

These dresses are beautiful, magical and give birth to true fairy tales. Whether it is long, decorated with rhinestones or short, our large catalog offers exclusive models at affordable prices. If you want to look like Cinderella, then go for a model with an irresistible blue tone. It will be necessary to choose the ideal size so that this last one can develop your forms of the most beautiful ways.

Don't panic, our princess dresses for women are adapted to all body types. Find professional advice on the description of our products, in order to know how to wear the dress that will make you the most beautiful of princesses. You can associate it with a pretty pair of shoes, a princess crown, or a petticoat to give more volume to the skirt of the dress.

Princess Dress for Girls

Not all girls are fans of Disney princesses. They want to embody their own fairy tales, wearing accessories that match them. The dream of a teenage girl, perhaps to transform herself into the queen of a castle, and offer her parents a royal show in the company of her prince charming (who will be interpreted by her little brother...)

Buying a princess dress can be justified by various reasons: The simple desire to dress up, to surprise everyone around her at the next birthday party, or to be the most beautiful for the next family meal. Our selection of princess dresses for girls will allow you to choose the rare pearl among hundreds of authentic models. Made to order and exclusive, our princess dresses will immerse your daughter in a real fairy tale for a moment.

Disney Princess Dresses

If you have a group of friends and love animals and singing, the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs costume is for you. For those of you who go beyond beauty and love to read, the Beauty and the Beast costume is the princess costume you've always wanted.

If you want to have long hair like no other, just wear the Rapunzel one. The Vaiana costume is ideal for girls who have a free spirit and desire for adventure. And, it is clear that if in the sea you feel like a fish in the water, the Ariel costume must land in your wardrobe.

If you love the cold and making snowmen, go to the costume party with one of the Snow Queen costumes (Elsa or Anna, the sister you prefer). But if you prefer to stay in bed until late, wear an Aurora costume, a Sleeping Beauty costume or an Evil costume, if you prefer to be the villain of the story

Princess Dress for Toddlers

More than 400 exclusive models to perfect princess. Our dresses for newborns are made from a very soft tulle, so as not to irritate their skin. Just like their compositions, their cuts and shapes are very well worked out in order to offer them an optimal comfort. How can you resist a little baby in a dress with a pink petticoat and a white bustier with pearls? Immortalize the most beautiful moments with our made-to-measure dresses.

A Princess look is fascinating, blue, red, yellow, all colors will dazzle your loved ones. This desire to shine is expressed from an early age. Choosing the right princess dress for girls is therefore essential. Attract the attention of all young mothers with a magical look that your little girl can wear every day.

112 products

112 products