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Our Princess Shoes

Perfect to complete a princess look, our large catalog offers a wide range of colorful, turquoise or glittery shoes. Our large catalog offers unique styles such as :

  • Blue glitter shoes
  • Princess shoes with heels
  • Frozen shoes

Shoes allow her to follow in the footsteps of her favorite princess, but playing is still essential. Develop her imagination and give her a personal space with a princess tent featuring Elsa or her favorite Princess.

Girls Princess Shoes 

You probably know the story of Cinderella, the girl who became a princess and lost one of her glass slippers. Well, you should know that our line of princess shoes for kids and babies was inspired by this animated movie to make little girls happy and fulfill their dream of becoming a princess.

Candy pink princess shoe, rainbow princess shoe, princess shoe with glitter, princess shoe with the effigy of a princess or a cartoon character, princess shoe with bow, princess shoe with butterfly, ... There is really everything to satisfy your child and to help you dress her.

Moreover, our princess shoes are available in different sizes and they are made from the best quality materials such as PU leather and durable synthetic. Most of them have adjustable Velcro buckles to allow your daughter to put them on and take them off easily and quickly without asking for your help.

If they are closed princess shoes, they usually come with non-slip, lined soles and they may have small heels. Basically, the goal is for girls to really look like Disney princesses and have shoes that match their princess outfit.

Princess shoes for girls

Shoes, spartan shoes, ballerinas, sneakers, formal shoes, heels, sandals, pumps, ... Many models of princess girl shoes are available in our stores to meet your needs. They are as adorable as each other and they allow your child to stand out from the rest, to walk in the footsteps of her favorite cartoon princess and to play comfortably.

If you are looking for glitter princess shoes for girls, you can choose from different models: open shoe covered with rhinestones and very colorful, ballerina with pretty rhinestones in flash colors, heeled shoe with bright and attractive glitter, ... In fact, our collection has been thought especially to allow you to give a successful fairy look to your daughter.

What is also advantageous with our princess shoes girl is the fact that they can be worn on special occasions. They are perfect for weddings, christenings and other prestigious events. Then, they are also ideal to attend a mass or to go to a costume party.

Kids Princess Shoes

Taking the case of the Cinderella princess shoe for example, it is a very chic blue pump that you can wear on special occasions or during themed parties. It stands out with its square base heels and mid-soft soles that can offer you optimal comfort even if you wear it for long hours. Then, it is also sparkling and chic type thanks to its sequins and rhinestones. This is the perfect pair to wake up the princess in you. Moreover, it is a rare model that you are not likely to find on everyone's feet.

By ordering a woman's princess shoe from us, you can fulfill your childhood dream while having style. You won't go unnoticed anywhere you go and you won't be disappointed either. In fact, our range of women's princess shoes combines quality, design and low price. It has been specially designed to meet all your expectations.

Disney princess shoes

Girls love to imitate what their favorite cartoon character does. Thus, they would not hesitate to wear Disney princess shoes to look like Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine Elsa or Anna.

To please your child and to make his dream of becoming a princess come true, offer him a Disney princess shoe. Browse our collection and make your choice taking into account the taste, preferences and needs of your daughter.

Elsa princess shoes, Frozen princess shoes, Cinderella princess shoes, ... There are all kinds and sizes. So, it is safe and certain that you can find your happiness here.

In addition, you should know that most of our Disney princess shoes are adorned with glitter and rhinestones to be bright and shiny. They also come with comfortable soles, if they are closed Disney princess shoes. In other words, they display all the features you are looking for and they can really make your child happy.

Princesse Heels

Who says princess shoes are only for little girls? Women can also wear a princess shoe to immerse themselves in the fantastic Disney fairy tales and get a look that's just like them. You can choose from our collection of women's princess shoes with glitter and rhinestones or women's princess shoes with heels.

Walking like a Princess is one thing, but living like a Queen is another. A real Disney Princess, lives in a castle, entertains with friends; for that, nothing better than finding the pink Princess Tent or your daughter loves to give her a trip to a fairy world from her room!

27 products

27 products